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Momslikeme.com just posted an article about my life as a mom and a business owner. Check it out by clicking here: moms like me.

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Moms are an active force on the Internet and believed to be outstanding word-of-mouth spreaders…if you’ve gained their trust and appreciation.

If moms are your target audience for your product or service you can find them on many different sites. Here are just a few examples:

1) Local mom clubs like geocities.com/sfbamc and local web sites like marinmommies.com
2) National sites like momslikeme.com and themmob.org
3) Support groups on Yahoo Groups, Facebook and the like.
4) Blogs that moms follow like suburbanjungle.net and momversation.com
5) Moms that twitter on twitter.com and twittermoms.com

Happy connecting.

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I am signed up to receive Build-A-Buzz’s free daily emails. It has great tips on how to do public relations including valuable contacts to get your product in front of celebrities.

Check it out at: www.build-a-buzz.com.

Build-A-Buzz is a new service that provides valuable tips for companies that are looking to maximize their PR efforts. Build-A-Buzz’s first launch is the Daily Buzz Newsletter with free PR advice that will show you how to build awareness for your brand, one tip at a time. Build-A-Buzz is the brainchild of Marina Echavarria, a 20 year PR veteran and owner of Realm Media Productions, Inc., a PR Consultancy based in the New York area. Her expertise and those of PR Pros around the country will be offered free of charge via Daily Buzz.

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If you had someone design a web site for you, you have come to realize that whenever you need to make changes to the site (and there were more changes than you ever realized) you have to go back to your designer to make them…and that costs more money.

Maybe to fix this you decided to create a blog to inform people about updates about your business. Not a bad thought but now you have to work on getting people to visit both sites. (Please note: A blog can be strategically important to creating a relationship with prospects and customers and driving traffic but it’s focus should be on just that and not a band-aid fix for your main site).

Or there’s the option of hiring a web designer to create your site and allows you to log in to a content management system to make your own changes. A great option but at a high price.

Have you looked into online DIY web site services where you can create your own web site? My current favorite is www.yola.com. They have several templates you can customize with your own images. It’s all online so you can easily access and make changes whenever you want to. It’s amazingly simple to use–almost as easy as using Word. You can incorporate your search engine friendly keywords without having to learn HTML. They also have many fun additions to include like a Google map, videos, an online store, Google Adsense ads, widgets from SpringWidget and Widgetbox and more with just a click and drag.

Oh, and it’s FREE.

Use your existing URL and have it point to the site you create on Yola (they give you instructions) or they can purchase a URL for you for a professional business presence.

Certainly a custom web site created by a design professional and maintained by that designer or through a content management system is the ideal way to go. But if your budget just can’t support this, an online DIY web creation service has become a great way to go.

Other sites worth looking into are hubpages.com, homestead.com, joomla.org, smallbusiness.officelive.com/Home, webs.com and weebly.com.

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