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Want to find out what your customers like, and don’t like, about your business? Or want to find out what your prospective customers want in a business like yours? There are many reasons why a small business would want to run a survey.

Writing test questions is a science. Analyzing survey data is a science. But hiring a professional may be out of the question. So if you go it alone, here are some tips:

  • Formulate a clear objective of the survey’s goals before you write the questions.
  • Send it to enough people so that you’ll get enough responses to come to an informed conclusion.
  • Start with general questions and them move to more specific ones. This is so you don’t “lead the witness”.
  • Ask about behaviors and not attitudes because actions speak louder than words.
  • Use close ended questions wherever possible. Lots of open-ended questions are hard to analyze.
  • The shorter the questionnaire the better. Keep it focused, keep it simple and keep it short. Five minutes or less is optimal.

    For samples of surveys, check out: www.esurveyspro.com.

    Click here for even more information on customer surveys.

    Create surveys using programs like: www.surveymonkey.com, spreadsheets.google.com or www.zoomerang.com.

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