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Craigslist can be a lucrative source of business for some companies. If you currently post on craigslist, or plan to, here are some suggestions to make the most of them:

  • Post often. Posts can get buried quickly as new postings come in frequently. Craigslist will not let you post the same ad more than once within a few days of each other. So consider developing at least five different versions of your advertisement that you can rotate through.
  • To help you come up with different ad versions, while increasing your responses, develop different ads targeted to specific types of people. Don’t worry that being so specific will turn others away. In fact, in the sea of ads on Craigslist, being more specific allows you to stand out more to whomever you’re targeting. In most cases, this approach should receive more responses than a more general ad. For instance in your ad titles, call out to stay-at-home moms or runners. Or make it geographically specific like: Violin Lessons for Costa Mesa Residents.
  • In your ad copy, break up your paragraphs into smaller chunks. People scan and they scan very quickly. Breaking it up makes scanning easier and they capture more of what you’re saying.
  • Include images. If you’re selling your services, then include a photo of you. In a service business people are buying YOU so let them know who you are. Other visuals are also good to portray what you do (like musical instruments if you’re a music teacher). Also include your logo. Consider taking some of your key selling points and making them a graphical image you can include like: Great references!
  • Always check for typos and grammer. People are wary of scams and typos or poorly worded ads are one way people screen for businesses to avoid.
  • Put in your ad title the words you think people will use to search for a business like yours. Not everyone will search by going to particular categories. Some will use the search function like “music lessons”. Determine what you think people would use to search for a business like yours and then include that in your title.
  • Make your ad stand out. Use special characters in the beginning and end of your title. Use unique characters that aren’t on the keyboard like stars or musical notes, etc. You can create these in a Word document and use a symbol type font. Then cut and paste into the Craigslist ad creator.
  • Post when your audience is on Craigslist. You know ads quickly disappear to the bottom. Desk professionals are usually on the Internet right before lunch and right before they leave the office. I think mid-afternoon is a good time too. Think about who your target audience is and when they might be searching the Internet.
  • Track to see which ads get the most traffic. That will help you fine tune your ads to perform even better over time. Use a service like: http://bit.ly/. They shorten your URL to your website that you include in your ad and at the same time it tracks how many clicks you get. By creating a different bit.ly URL for each ad, you can see which ads drive the most traffic. And if you use a bit.ly URL for each ad you do for certain times of the day, you can track to see what times of the day are the best to post an ad.
  • Happy advertising!

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    In my last post I pointed to Google’s new SEO Tutorial (search engine optimization) on how to get started with making your own website more search friendly. It’s a good resource on SEO for small businesses.

    It’s important to understand that SEO is part technical AND part art. It’s too common to believe it’s purely a technical task. The following are a couple examples of the “art” in SEO.
    The first task of SEO is to find the right keywords and keyword phrases you want to employ. This is a subjective decision. Which phrases have the least competition and are the most relevant to what you offer and will work best in your communications? At the very least, review what your webmaster or seo expert has come up with, and offer additional suggestions. Your website, press releases and blogs will be focused upon those main keyword phrases. You will be living with them for a while. Choose carefully.
    It’s also important to use your keyword phrases in the most effective manner. This requires an ability to write compelling html titles, meta data and incorporate into your body copy to flow smoothly. Ideally, if you’ve got the money, you’d hire a copywriter to use those keywords to your best advantage. If not, you should either write it yourself and give to your webmaster or review what they write. 
    I’d love to hear what you think or answer any questions. Submit a post or send me an email at gthomas@advertisingspark.com.

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